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Lustica Bay – the first ever luxury resort on the Lustica Peninsula will be built in harmony with nature, in the spirit of the culture, and with respect to the profound history of this unique landscape. Only 80 kilometers from Podgorica Airport and 10 kilometers of Tivat Airport, Lustica Bay provides acces to one of the world's most natural and historical settings. The rugged shores of Montenegro complement the culture and history of the region wich is as colorful and versatile as as the landscape. While residing in this place all of Montenegro is your playground. Montenegro is not only rich in history and culture but also boasts many natural wonders. Beyond the vast olive groves and the luscious natural vegetation Montenegro offers visitors the opportunity to experience quaint seaside villages that are living reservations of the history and integrity of the land. Montenegro embodies the unspoiled nature of the Mediterannean, replete with authentic village character and a timeless tradition of hospitality. With over 295 km (183,3 miles) of coastline featuring 72 km (44,7 miles)of sandy beaches, many accessible by boat, the wonders of Montenegro is waiting for you.